New VS Resale

Published by anonymous

Purchasing a home is a huge decision as well as a long-term investment. When searching for a home, one must first decide between a new house and a resale. If you are trying to decide between these two options, here are some things to consider:

Energy Efficiency:

An important factor to keep in mind when purchasing a resale home is whether it is equipped with the latest in sustainable technology. If lowering the electric bill through “green” construction is important to you, buying or building a new home is virtually always going to be the better option because of the advancements in energy efficiency.

Flexibility of the Space:

Another important aspect of the home is the flexibility when it comes to expanding the space. When purchasing a resale home, there is usually little to no possibilities when it comes to changing the space; what you see is what you get. When purchasing or building a new home however, there are endless possibilities when it comes to remodeling and expanding to meet you and your family’s exact needs.

Replacement Costs

When purchasing a resale home, one must always consider replacement expenses. A resale home will often feature old and used appliances such as the furnace, water heater, air conditioning unit, and even the roof, doors, windows and more. Buying a resale home means that you must factor these replacements into the cost of the home, an expense that can reach thousands of dollars. In a new home, however, unused appliances are offered that usually include long-term warranties for your financial protection.

Safety Features

The safety of a home is of the upmost importance. New homes are guaranteed to be safer through new technologically advancements in smoke detectors and wiring, as well as modern fire retardants in materials such as carpeting and insulation. Resale homes often offer old and outdated safety features that will not protect the homeowner like new home features will.

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