Winter Boredom Busters

Published by anonymous

Winter is about to be on us and now that we’ve got shorter days and dropping temperatures, outside activities move inside! Netflix binges, baking, and chores are the go-to cold day activities. If you’re looking for more productive and creative ways to pass the time, here are some ideas to get you prepared for those long winter days.

Kids and cold winter days often equal insanity. Be sure to keep indoor craft supplies on hand. Imagination can also be a useful tool. How about creating summer inside? Fill the tub with warm water, pull out the beach toys and splash away.  Martha Stewart offers up some great craft projects, like the fun monster mittens.

For teens and adults, find out of the ordinary ways to make a stay inside interesting. Learn a new skill like guitar, a new language, or a new program.  Try cooking a fancy dinner complete with the fine china and crystal stemware. Epicurious offers a ton of great recipes. 

Winter is also a great time to revamp your d├ęcor. Check out these outdated home trends and get a head start on 2018 decorating trends.  

Thinking about moving?  It’s a great time to get started. From staging to planning, so much can be done on a cold winter day. Contact real estate agents and lenders to begin the evaluation process. Start looking for your new home and with SAVVY Homes!

Finally, enjoy the time inside and know that beautiful spring days will be here soon.