Create Your Own Coffee Station

Published by anonymous

If you love the coffee shop atmosphere, why not bring it to your own home and invite friends and members of your new home community in Raleigh, NC over for a cup of joe?!  A coffee station is such a fun and easy way to bring warmth, personality, and coziness to your kitchen. Be your own barista and turn Saturday mornings into playful coffee experiments.  Here are our steps to create an awesome coffee bar in your home!

  1. Find some space.  If you have plenty of countertop space like in our beautiful new homes in the Triangle area, you will have lots of options to choose from as the base of your coffee station.  But, even if your kitchen is a smaller space, you can still make it work- and maybe even make your kitchen appear larger!  Check out these cool kitchen carts that can function as both a coffee and a floating island.
  2. Pick your brewing method of choice.  It seems like there are a million different ways to make coffee these days. From French press, to Chemex, to cold brew, to a fancy espresso machine, to the good, old-fashioned drip coffee, brewing methods can seem overwhelming!  The best thing to do is to decide exactly which option tastes best to you.  It is your coffee station after all- you should do what you like!  If you’re feeling adventurous down the road and want to try something new, you can always add it to your coffee station arsenal.
  3. Choose your coffee!  Your coffee selection will likely be influenced by your brewing method.  Try flavored coffees, imported coffees- anything new and exciting!  Discover your new favorites with friends when you invite them over for a fun morning of coffee taste testing!
  4. Get the sweet stuff.  If you take your coffee black, you can skip over this section.  Try your hand at making homemade coffee syrups and even have dessert coffee drinksif you’re feeling extra jazzy!
  5. Pick your mug…carefully.  Your coffee mug says a lot about you.  We’re kidding- slightly!  It is so fun to express your personality through your coffee mug.  Not a morning person?  Love some encouragement to start your day?  A big fan of monogram mugs?  No matter what you like, say it with your mug!  Stack your coffee cups at your station for a sweet little display!
  6. Add some cute d├ęcor.  A vintage tin sign or cute matching jars can really tie your coffee station together!

We love how coffee gathers people together for long chats, holidays, memory building, and so many wonderful events during the year!  Whether it is an ordinary Saturday morning or you’re hosting Christmas morning for your family, we hope these ideas inspire you to dwell and flourish in one of our cozy new homes in the Triangle, NC with coffee mug in hand!  Contact us for more information and view all of our available new homes in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas today!