Tips to Prepare Your Family for Back to School

Published by anonymous

As school comes back into session, the transition from summer freedom to the structure of the school year can be tough for kids and parents alike! Here are our tips to help your family get back into the swing of things.

  1. Establish a regular sleep schedule.  Summertime lends itself to a more lenient sleep schedule.  With structure added back into their day, children need to have a structure to their nightly routine as well. Check out the National Sleep Foundation’s recommended sleep for kids of all ages and ensure that your child is able to get the adequate amount of rest whenever possible!
  2. Set up a designated homework station.  Designating an area in your home that is strictly for homework allows your child to focus in and get their tasks completed so they can move onto family time!  A separate space or room that is free of television, devices, and other distractions will encourage them to knock their homework out and then leave the space knowing they are finished for the evening.
  3. Expect the unexpected.  Kids are going to come home with germs, worries about classes or friends, and a whole myriad of other issues.  Prepare yourself to expect that the unexpected is guaranteed to happen!  Give kids vitamins and ensure they’re drinking plenty of water and getting exercise to help keep them healthy. Provide time for them to discuss what is going on at school so they have an outlet.
  4. Ease off the electronics and video games.  During the summer, children gravitate towards more recreational activities like video games, watching more TV than normal, or being in front of their devices more during the day. Wean them off of this slowly at the beginning of the school year so they can adjust to the change.
  5. Review all of the school information.  Carefully review all of the school information and paperwork- we know, it’s a lot!  There could be changes in pick up and drop off assignments, a change in school policy, etc. Communicate all of the changes, if any, with your child. When you’re prepared, you can prepare your child as well!
  6. Organize a place for paperwork and important documents.  You’re probably getting buried in permission slips and schedules and forms! Designate a place in the kitchen or common area to place all important documents and paperwork. That way there will be no excuse if your child forgets to grab their field trip form!
  7. Take your child in for a yearly check-up.  Get a health assessment for your child at the beginning of school to start off the new year healthy and happy!  Perhaps they need an update in their glasses prescription or need some other sort of medical attention.  It’s never a bad idea to head in for a check-up!
  8. Talk to your kids about how they’re feeling.  Give your child an ear if they want to talk about any anxieties they have about the upcoming school year.  They might be nervous about moving up to middle school, a hard class that’s on their schedule, or trying out for a sport’s team. Allow them to communicate these concerns so you both can be proactively working to make sure they are happy, healthy, and secure at school.

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